The Drinks Basket

The Drinks Basket is a specialist online retailer of niche and unique wines and spirits who wanted to increase their brand visibility and sales revenue via paid search.

The OneClick team conducted extensive market and website product research to identify the best possible keywords, creating a unique campaign structure using a combination of match-specific keyword types and a comprehensive negative keyword list.

The team then used the keyword performance to shape the overall strategy – by breaking out specific keywords into their own single-keyword-ad-groups (SKAGs) they were able to generate high keyword quality scores and a positive user experience.

Based on daily and weekly performance, the team implemented device bid adjustments and built out a full ad schedule to capture the best possible converting audience at the lowest possible Cost of Sale


  • 149% increase in sales revenue
  • 42% decrease in Cost of Sale

“Brilliant company to work with! They came in and have not only helped us increase our sales but have explained everything each step of the way. Any queries answered quickly even for items outside their remit.”

– Ronak Kataria, Founder of The Drinks Basket